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entered a strategic alliance with

entered a strategic alliance with

Financial advisor to PlanMember

Financial advisor to PlanMember

February 2013

Freeman & Co. Acts as a Financial Advisor to PlanMember
February 2013
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Freeman advises PlanMember on strategic alliance with AXA Equitable, Establishes PlanMember as an independent distribution partner with the nation’s largest 403(b) provider

February 19, 2013 (Carpinteria, CA) – Freeman & Co. congratulates its client, PlanMember Services (“PlanMember”), on its recent National Distribution Marketing Alliance with AXA Equitable. Freeman & Co. acted as exclusive financial advisor to PlanMember on this alliance.

This alliance serves as a long-term strategic growth opportunity in the employer-sponsored markets, as well as the individual planning markets for both PlanMember and AXA Equitable.

As part of the alliance, AXA Equitable’s EQUI-VEST® 403(b) program will serve as the variable annuity product in the PlanMember Model Plan. EQUI-VEST®, one of the leading variable annuities in the 403(b) marketplace offers PlanMember independent representatives a unique and competitive product with the following features:

  • Structured Investment Option (SIO) – An investment option that gives participants access to potential market gains, up to a specified limit, along with a downside protection feature that can limit some losses in their account value during times of market volatility. AXA Equitable is the first company in the industry to offer this type of investment option in a variable deferred annuity product used to fund employer-sponsored retirement plans.
  • Personal Income Benefit – A unique withdrawal benefit designed to help address the impact of longevity, market volatility, and inflation on retirement income. Participants can turn their retirement savings into an annual withdrawal benefit that provides lifetime payments, income protection, and market growth potential.

Beyond EQUI-VEST®, the PlanMember Insurance Program will be further enhanced by a suite of additional industry-leading individual variable annuity products including the following:

  • Structured Capital Strategies – An individual variable annuity which offers a tax-deferred option for investors who are seeking an acceptable risk-reward balance. Its main feature is its Structured Investment Option that allows clients to participate in the performance of equity and commodity indices up to a cap and with a downside buffer. The downside buffer works in tandem with a Performance Cap Rate on the upside market potential.
  • Retirement Cornerstone – An individual variable annuity with a unique dual account structure that provides both upside potential and downside protection. It has a broad investment line-up (110+ funds) and a floating rates design that offers opportunity to gain in a rising rate environment, as well as the comfort of a guaranteed stream of income.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with AXA Equitable and bring their industry-leading retirement savings products to our platform,” said Jon Ziehl, chief executive officer, president and founder of PlanMember Financial Corporation.

He added: “AXA Equitable’s market presence, employer group footprint, financial strength and product features are well regarded in the industry. Their flexible and single premium deferred variable annuities complement our Model Plan, Investment & Savings and Retirement Income Programs. Aligning with a company with the expertise and scope of AXA Equitable uniquely positions PlanMember to continue to be the leading home for independent advisors focused on the retirement plan market.”

“At AXA Equitable, we understand the challenges advisors face in preparing their clients for retirement,” said David Ciotta, Senior Vice President. “AXA Equitable has long been an industry leader in providing retirement planning products and services to individuals, business-owners, and employer plan sponsors. Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership with PlanMember, which brings together two companies focused on offering Americans new planning strategies for a financially secure retirement reality.”

The alliance with AXA Equitable enhances the PlanMember Insurance Program with products that address a host of client needs and risk mitigation strategies for retirement income growth and preservation under various economic conditions. In addition to AXA Equitable’s annuity products, PlanMember advisors will benefit from the company’s comprehensive life insurance capabilities and support services.

“We are pleased to help PlanMember establish an independent distribution relationship with the nation’s largest 403(b) provider,” said Eric Solash, Managing Director at Freeman & Co.