has been acquired by

has been acquired by

Financial advisor to First Empire

January 2019

Freeman & Co. Acted as Financial Advisor to First Empire
January 2019
Sell-Side M&A

Stifel Financial has announced the acquisition of First Empire, a leading institutional broker-dealer specializing in the fixed income markets

First Empire provides a full range of fixed income products and services to credit unions, regional banks, insurance companies, pensions & municipalities.

The company also works closely with depository institutions nationwide on strategies to enhance the performance of their loan portfolios and mitigate risks to their balance sheets.

Stifel is a diversified financial institution providing securities brokerage, investment banking, trading, investment advisory & related financial services.

Stifel operates one of the most comprehensive fixed income platforms globally, executing nearly $600 billion in trades each year.

The acquisition will enable Stifel to further grow and diversify its client base while strengthening its offering by delivering additional services and more robust loan trading capabilities.